Spa treatments for adults


  • Indian Ayurveda massage with warm oil

    The Indian warm oil massage is a variation of the Abhyanga massage. It is a full body massage and has a detoxifying, purifying and highly relaxing effect. This reduces stress, fatigue and exhaustion.

    75 minutes € 89,00

  • Asian acupressure massage

    The therapists use their body weight rather than muscle strength. By applying gentle pressure on different areas of the skin this massage helps to alleviate pain. Please wear comfortable clothing.

    90 minutes € 106,00

  • Thai massage

    A traditional Thai Massage releases blockages, activates the energy channels and restores the inner and physical balance. Please wear comfortable clothing.

    90 minutes € 106,00

  • Head massage with warm oil

    Has a relaxing and calming effect.

    25 minutes € 31,00

  • Massage with shale oil

    Recommended to treat overstrained musculoskeletal system and to alleviate muscle pain.

    25 minutes € 33,00

    50 minutes € 61,00

  • Shale oil fango – anti-stress back treatment

    Combination of massage and fango pack – very effective to alleviate chronic muscle tension of shoulders, neck and back.

    50 minutes € 64,00

  • Alpienne Relax Massage

    Massage with marmot oil. Enhances blood circulation, alleviates muscle pain and tension.

    25 minutes € 36,00

    50 minutes € 65,00

  • LOMI LOMI NUI – Hawaiian massage

    The Lomi Lomi massage is an ancient form of massage that originated amongst the Pacific Island people approximately 5.000 years ago. It is a soft and deep tissue massage with fluent, long flowing strokes. It can be invigorating yet relaxing and may be beneficial for releasing emotional blockages and for supporting recovery. Lomi Lomi can help to release patterns and emotions held in the muscles, improve range of motion,  strengthen your body and reduce stress and anxiety.

    Treatment incl. rest: 90 minutes € 104,00

  • Sports massage

    This treatment is a specific application for athletes as a preparation or following a physical effort to restore performance.

    25 minutes € 31,00
    50 minutes € 59,00

  • Partial massage

    Ideal for tension in the neck, back or tired legs. Individual body parts can relax and thereby harmonization of the whole organism can be achieved.

    25 minutes € 31,00


  • Full body massage

    Enhances the blood circulation and has a purifying effect. With the help of special massage techniques tension in muscles gets loosened.

    50 minutes € 59,00


  • Energetic facial lymphatic drainage

    Activates and stimulates the lymphatic system and has a calming effect on the body. Detoxifies and regenerates the tissue.

    25 minutes € 31,00


  • Foot reflexology

    The therapist stimulates certain areas of the foot with gentle pressure. Acute and chronic disorders can be relieved and the body’s defences can be increased.

    25 minutes € 31,00
    50 minutes € 59,00


  • Ear candle treatment

    This treatment has its origin in the Native American medicine. It is used for cleaning and harmonizing the energy fields. The chimney effect of the ear candle stimulates blood circulation and helps to ease headaches, sinus problems or just to relax.

    40 minutes € 45,00

  • Spa pampering massage

    Gentle massage that helps to restore the physical and mental balance.

    25 minutes € 31,00
    50 minutes € 59,00


  • Shoulders-neck-head treatment

    Specifically for the shoulder, neck and head area. The therapist applies pressure, strokes and stretching movements to harmonize the nervous and muscular systems.

    Treatment incl. resting: 40 minutes € 47,00


  • Hot stone treatment

    Smooth, round polished lava stones heated to about 50 degrees Celsius are the basis for a massage treatment that was developed in Arizona. The use of heated stones for the treatment is an ancient ritual. The Chinese knew similar methods already 2.000 BC. Also Indian and Hawaiian shamans treatments are performed with heated stones. Basically the procedure is a rediscovered natural therapy. Treatment with hot stones is essentially a heat treatment with a muscle relaxing effect. This is reinforced by the massage strokes.

    25 minutes € 30,00
    50 minutes € 61,00


  • Holistic full-body massage

    This massage is a holistic form of contact and involves the physical and mental level. Let yourself be touched! You will experience deep peace, relaxation and a sense of wholeness. Let go and get immersed in yourself.

    100 minutes € 106,00


  • Individual massage

    An individual massage adjusted to your personal needs.

    50 minutes € 63,00


Facial treatments

  • Relax Total

    Face-neck-decollete massage

    25 minutes € 32,00

    Special eye treatment

    25 minutes € 32,00


  • Quick face treatment

    Cleansing, peeling, ampule with ultrasound, finishing care.

    25 minutes € 32,00

  • Symphony facial

    Experience the composition of active ingredients from the best of nature for all senses. Facial with anti-ageing push-up effect. Specially designed massage and skin-smoothing mask with intense depth effect. Especially for tired, stressed and light-stressed skin.

    50 minutes (without removing impurities) € 65,00

    75 minutes € 92,00


  • Men XO facial

    Enjoy this exceptional XO power treatment. The combination of revitalizing care and a deeply effective massage relieves stress and tension and leaves your skin invigorated and refreshed.

    60 minutes (without removing impurities) € 65,00

    75 minutes € 92,00

    We recommend that you shave 4-5 hours before the treatment.


  • Beauty extras face
    • Eyelashes colouring approx. 20 minutes € 15,00
    • Eyebrows colouring approx. 15 minutes € 12,00
    • Eyelashes & eyebrows colouring approx. 30 minutes € 27,00
    • Eyebrows plucking approx. 15 minutes € 10,00


  • Beauty extras

    True beauty comes from the harmony of body, spirit and soul. A balanced inner life positively influences the appearance, adds appeal and charisma, youthfulness and vitality.

    Relax Total

    Face-neck-decollete massage
    25 minutes € 30,00

    Special eye treatment
    25 minutes € 32,00  

  • Exquisite facial

    Face, neck, decollete – same as in the classical facial and colouring eyelashes or eyebrows, eye treatment (to stimulate the lymphatic and meridian flow and regeneration of the eyes), individual mask or pack with anti-aging effect, followed by a facial massage and finishing care.

    90 minutes € 108,00


  • Classic facial

    Thorough cleansing, eyebrow shaping, steaming, gentle exfoliation. Removing blemishes or individual facial massage with individual active mask or pack, finishing care.

    50 minutes € 59,00


Body treatments

  • Warm wax hair removal
    • Upper lip/chin
      approx. 10 minutes € 10,00
    • Armpits
      approx. 20 minutes € 15,00
    • Bikini zone
      approx. 20 minutes € 18,00
    • Calves
      approx. 30 minutes € 25,00
    • Legs complete
      approx. 45 minutes € 43,00
    • Back
      approx. 30 minutes € 37,00


  • Well-cared hands and feet

    Beautiful, well-groomed hands and feet are important for a neat appearance. Gertraud Gruber Cosmetics and Gehwol have developed high-quality care products which supply the stressed skin with new energy. For beautifully manicured hands and feet in no time.

    • SPA manicure
      approx. 50 minutes € 39,00
    • SPA pedicure
      approx. 50 minutes € 44,00
    • Extra nail varnish € 5,00
    • SPA pedicure with French nail polish
      approx. 60 minuntes € 54,00
    • Hand paraffin
      approx. 15 minutes € 25,00
    • Applying nail polish on feet or hands (various colours) € 14,00



  • Egyptos body wrap

    For the Egyptos spa treatment the whole body is wrapped with bandages in a special technique. First the cotton bandages are soaked in a warm solution of the finest healing earth, Dead Sea salt and minerals. This indulgent beauty treatment has its origins in the Sinai Peninsula, the civilization of ancient Egypt. In a classical winding method, the bandages are flexibly streamlined around the body and problem areas. The special winding technique stimulates the lymph flow, toxins are taken away and the tissue gets strengthened. Depending on the body height 25 to 30 bandages per treatment are needed. One treatment lasts about one and a half to two hours. As the cotton bandages are pleasantly warm, odourless and very elastic, you can relax during the treatment. In the quick method only five bandages are used and are not wound but only drawn quickly and easily around arms, legs and torso  However, an individual streamlining of the bandages on the problem areas is only partly possible with this method. The focus here is on the detox.

    Use the powers of nature

    The solution in which the cotton wraps are soaked contains healing earth which is a natural ingredient. The fine Egyptos healing clay is extracted from loess, a clay type which contains many minerals and trace elements. It has absorbent properties and takes away harmful substances from the skin. These can be stored directly in the fine layers of the healing earth and by this removed from the body. Salt from the Dead Sea: The Egyptos salt comes from the Safi Valley where the Dead Sea is at its purest and the magnesium content is highest. To guarantee its purity the salt is repeatedly washed and sieved. This high-quality Egyptos quality salt contains many valuable minerals and trace elements:

    • Magnesium: smoothes the skin and improves the complexion
    • Potassium: improves the skin’s metabolism
    • Calcium: soothes the skin and reduces itching
    • Bromine: speeds up the natural renewal of skin and has relaxing effect

    1 quick wrap (1 hour) € 65,00