Spa treatments for adults


  • Full body massage

    Enhances the blood circulation and has a purifying effect. With the help of special massage techniques tension in muscles gets loosened.

    50 minutes € 61.00


  • Partial massage

    Ideal for tension in the neck, back or tired legs. Individual body parts can relax and thereby harmonization of the whole organism can be achieved.

    25 minutes € 33.00


  • Pampering spa massage

    Gentle massage that helps to restore the physical and mental balance.

    25 minutes € 33.00
    50 minutes € 61.00

  • Shoulders-neck-head treatment

    Specifically for the shoulder, neck and head area. The therapist applies pressure, strokes and stretching movements to harmonize the nervous and muscular systems.

    Treatment incl. resting: 40 minutes € 51.00

  • Massage with hot stones

    This treatment applies ancient Indian healing procedures. The fragrance of almond oil and the stimulation by hot lava stones provide a wonderful feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

    This is not a classic La Stone treatment!

    Back, legs and feet               50 minutes € 65.00

  • Sports massage

    This treatment is a specific application for athletes as a preparation or following a physical effort to restore performance.

    25 minutes € 33.00
    50 minutes € 61.00

  • Tiroler Steinöl massage

    Massage using Tiroler Steinöl® (shale oil). Recommended to treat overstrained musculoskeletal system and to alleviate muscle pain.

    25 minutes € 35.00

    50 minutes € 63.00

  • Tiroler Steinöl sports massage

    Intensive and invigorating massage using Tiroler Steinöl® (shale oil).

    Upper or lower back or legs     25 minutes             € 35.00
    Back and legs                                50 minutes              € 63.00

  • Tiroler Steinöl fango

    Combination of massage and fango pack using Tiroler Steinöl® (shale oil) – very effective to alleviate chronic muscle tension of shoulders, neck and back.

    50 minutes € 68.00

  • Special back massage

    Intensive back massage using Tiroler Steinöl® (shale oil).

    On request, combination with cupping therapy possible. (Silicon cups, no bruising).

    50 minutes               € 65.00

  • Alpienne relax massage

    Massage with marmot oil. Enhances blood circulation, alleviates muscle pain and tension.

    25 minutes € 39.00

    50 minutes € 67.00

  • Foot reflexology

    The therapist stimulates certain areas of the foot with gentle pressure. Acute and chronic disorders can be relieved and the immune system can be enhanced.

    25 minutes € 33.00
    50 minutes € 61.00


  • Connective tissue massage

    The connective tissue massage is a special form of reflexology which is applied to the connective and fat tissue located directly under the skin. The strong stroking and pulling movements have a direct influence on the autonomic nervous system, and an indirect influence on the organs and their functions. In addition, the treatment alleviates disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

    25 minutes                  € 33.00

  • Segmented massage therapy

    Together with the connective tissue massage, the segmented massage therapy is an important reflexive treatment option. It is successfully used to achieve mechanisms of action via the skin-musculature organ and, like the connective tissue massage, uses the reflex zones via a specific reflex bow. In addition to kneading and circular massage grips, the tissue is also lifted and pulled between the fingers.

    25 minutes                   € 33.00

  • Facial lymph drainage

    Facial lymph drainage has a relaxing effect, reduces swelling and can also help against acne. Gentle pressure on some key cells improves the removal of toxins and metabolic wastes.

    25 minutes             € 33.00

  • Lymph drainage

    Gentle pumping and stretching helps to move the lymph forward and drains the connective tissue. The massage supports the lymphatic system, has a cleansing and regenerating effect by removing toxins and metabolic wastes, and is very relaxing

    25 minutes             € 33.00

    50 minutes             € 61.00

  • Acupuncture meridian massage

    This massage treats the meridian system to help balance the body’s energies and flow. This is done by gently massaging the meridians with the help of a massage stick or the fingers. It is particularly effective for diseases caused by functional disorders, e.g. migraine, spinal disk problems, neuralgia, rheumatic complaints and joint pains.

    25 minutes                       € 33.00

  • Prenatal massage

    This massage relieves shoulder and neck pain caused by pregnancy. The treatment is received in a sitting or side-lying position.

    25 Minuten   € 33.00

  • Head massage with warm coconut oil

    Has a relaxing and calming effect.

    25 minutes € 33.00

  • Ear candle treatment

    This treatment has its origin in the Native American medicine. It is used for cleaning and harmonizing the energy fields. The chimney effect of the ear candle stimulates blood circulation and helps to ease headaches, sinus problems or just to relax.

    40 minutes € 47.00

  • Holistic full-body massage

    This massage is a holistic form of contact and involves the physical and mental level. Let yourself be touched! You will experience deep peace, relaxation and a sense of wholeness. Let go and get immersed in yourself.

    100 minutes € 106,00


  • Individual massage

    Massage tailored to your individual needs using massage oil of your choice.

    On request, combination with cupping therapy possible. (Silicon cups, no bruising).

    50 minutes € 65.00

    75 minutes € 96.00



Facial treatments

  • Quick facial

    Booster facial including cleansing, peeling, ampule with ultrasound, finishing care.

    25 minutes € 34.00

  • Classic facial

    Thorough cleansing, eyebrow shaping, steaming, gentle exfoliation. Removing blemishes or individual facial massage with individual mask or pack, finishing care.

    50 minutes € 61.00

    Additional treatments within the classic facial, duration 10 minutes each:

    Beauty wax face mask  € 15.00
    Eye treatment                 € 10.00

  • Exquisite facial

    Face, neck, decollete – same as in the classical facial and colouring eyelashes or eyebrows, eye treatment (to stimulate the lymphatic and meridian flow and regeneration of the eyes), individual mask or pack with anti-aging effect, followed by a facial massage and finishing care.

    90 minutes € 121,00


  • Symphony facial

    Experience the composition of active ingredients from the best of nature for all senses. Facial with anti-ageing push-up effect. Specially designed massage and skin-smoothing face sheet mask with intense depth effect. Especially for tired, stressed and light-stressed skin.

    50 minutes (without removing impurities) € 71.00

    75 minutes € 104.00


  • Men XO facial

    Enjoy this exceptional XO power treatment. The combination of revitalizing care and a deeply effective massage relieves stress and tension and leaves your skin invigorated and refreshed.

    60 minutes (without removing impurities) € 71.00

    75 minutes € 104.00

    We recommend that you shave 4-5 hours before the treatment.

  • Relax Total

    Face-neck-decollete massage

    25 minutes € 34.00

    Special eye treatment

    25 minutes € 34.00


  • Beauty extras face
    • Eyelashes colouring
      approx. 20 minutes € 15.00
    • Eyebrows colouring
      approx. 15 minutes € 12.00
    • Eyelashes & eyebrows colouring
      approx. 30 minutes € 27.00
    • Eyebrows shaping
      approx. 15 minutes € 12.00


  • Beauty extras

    True beauty comes from the harmony of body, spirit and soul. A balanced inner life positively influences the appearance, adds appeal and charisma, youthfulness and vitality.

    Relax Total

    Face-neck-decollete massage
    25 minutes € 34.00

    Special eye treatment
    25 minutes € 34.00