Spa treatments for adults


  • Full body massage

    Enhances the blood circulation and has a purifying effect. Special massage techniques alleviate tight muscles.

    Back, legs, arms and hands         50 minutes € 63.00


  • Partial massage

    Back massage

    25 minutes € 35.00


  • Leg massage

    Massage for tired legs

    25 minutes (legs front and back) € 35.00

  • Sports massage

    Very intense and invigorating massage

    Back or legs       25 minutes € 35.00
    Back, legs and arms 50 minutes € 63.00


  • Pampering spa massage

    Gentle massage that helps to restore the physical and mental balance.

    Back or legs             25 minutes € 35.00
    Back, legs and feet    50 minutes € 63.00

  • Dorn-Breuss Therapy

    After a gentle Breuss massage, the Dorn therapy applies pressure on the spine to release deep-lying blockages. This enables the body to find its center again and to straighten up. The aim is to achieve full joint mobility.

    50 minutes € 72.00

  • Breuss Massage

    Breuss is a sensitive, gentle treatment method with regeneration of intervertebral discs. This special back massage with St. John’s wort oil has a soothing and harmonizing effect.

    20 minutes € 32.00

  • Shiatsu Head Massage

    This gentle thumb pressure massage on the energy points releases energetic blockages and promotes the energy flow. This wonderful treatment also has a balancing effect on the respiration, heart, nervous system and muscles.

    25 minutes € 35.00

  • Combination 1

    Partial massage and foot reflexology massage

    50 minutes € 68.00

  • Combination 2

    Partial massage and Shiatsu head massage

    50 minutes € 68.00

  • Combination 3

    Full body massage and foot reflexology massage

    75 minutes € 98.00

  • Shoulders-neck-head treatment

    Alleviates tension and pain in the shoulder, neck and head areas.

    14 minutes € 19.00
    40 minutes € 53.00

  • Massage with hot stones

    This treatment applies ancient Indian healing procedures. The fragrance of almond oil and the stimulation by hot lava stones provide a wonderful feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

    This is not a classic La Stone treatment!

    Back, legs and feet   50 minutes € 69.00

  • La Stone Massage

    Massage with warm lava stones and cold marble stones. Through the warm and cold stimulation, the body perceives the difference between stress and relaxation better and settles in the middle.

    50 minutes back and arms € 69.00
    75 minutes back, arms and legs € 103.00

  • Polynesian Massage

    During this deep relaxing massage, the therapist uses the forearms to remove muscle tension. Special coconut shells are used to positively influence the lymphatic system and help detoxify the organism. Immerse yourself in this relaxing massage ritual from Polynesia!

    50 minutes € 69.00

  • Lomi-Lomi-Nui

    Lomi Lomi Nui is a mixture of ritual and bodywork, which was formerly practiced in temples in Hawaii. Lomi Lomi Nui bodywork is a special experience and works wonders. It leads in a tangible way to dimensions that have become rare in our western world. The Lomi treatment releases deep tensions and helps to heal the wounds of the past in a wonderful way.

    90 minutes € 121.00

  • Tiroler Steinöl massage

    Massage using Tiroler Steinöl® (shale oil). Recommended to treat overstrained musculoskeletal system and to alleviate muscle pain.

    25 minutes € 37.00
    50 minutes € 65.00

  • Asian Ayurveda Massage

    The Asian oil massage is a pressure stimulation of the skin with additional use of an oily substance. It is characterized by a stimulation with kneading and pressure-like movements that slightly stretch the body. By using massage oil, however, the massage also has a relaxing wellness character with stretches that are not as intensive as in a Thai massage.

    75 minutes € 105.00

  • Tiroler Steinöl sports massage

    Intensive and invigorating massage using Tiroler Steinöl® (shale oil).

    Upper or lower back or legs     25 minutes             € 37.00
    Back and legs                                50 minutes              € 65.00

  • Tiroler Steinöl fango

    Combination of massage and fango pack using Tiroler Steinöl® (shale oil) – very effective to alleviate chronic muscle tension of shoulders, neck and back. Back massage approx. 30 minutes, during the fango pack the legs are massaged.

    50 minutes € 70.00

  • Special back massage

    Intensive back massage using Tiroler Steinöl® (shale oil). On request, combination with cupping therapy possible (silicon cups, no bruising).

    50 minutes € 67.00

  • Alpienne relax massage

    Massage with high-quality marmot oil. Enhances blood circulation, alleviates muscle pain and tension.

    25 minutes € 41.00
    50 minutes € 69.00

  • Foot reflexology

    Foot reflexology is a part of manual reflexology therapy. It is used to relax and alleviate digestive problems, tension pains and nervous complaints. According to traditional teachings, all organs and body areas can be positively influenced by massaging feet and applying pressure to defined foot reflex points.

    25 minutes € 35.00
    50 minutes € 63.00

  • Lymph drainage

    Gentle pumping and stretching helps to move the lymph forward and drains the connective tissue. The massage supports the lymphatic system, has a cleansing and regenerating effect by removing toxins and metabolic wastes, and is very relaxing.

    25 minutes € 35.00
    50 minutes € 63.00

  • Prenatal massage

    This massage relieves shoulder and neck pain caused by pregnancy. The treatment is received in a sitting or side-lying position.

    25 minutes € 35.00

  • Head massage with warm coconut oil

    Has a relaxing and calming effect. Suitable for pregnant women.

    25 minutes € 35.00

  • Ear candling and head massage

    Helps to ease headaches, sinus problems or just to relax.

    40 minutes € 49.00

  • Individual massage

    Massage tailored to your individual needs using massage oil of your choice.On request, combination with cupping therapy possible (silicon cups, no bruising).

    50 minutes € 67.00
    75 minutes € 96.00



Facial treatments

  • Eyelash lifting

    A silicone pad is applied directly at the base of the lash line and your lashes are fixed with a permanent wave liquid. However, this is not an eyelash extension, but only the bending up of your own eyelashes. For stronger, healthier and darker natural eyelashes – eyelashes tinting includes (lasts approx. 8 weeks).

    75 minutes € 80.00

  • Quick facial

    Booster facial including cleansing, peeling, ampule with ultrasound, finishing care.

    25 minutes € 36.00

  • Classic facial

    Thorough cleansing, eyebrow shaping, steaming, gentle exfoliation. Removing blemishes or individual facial massage with individual mask or pack, finishing care.

    50 minutes € 63.00

    Additional treatments in combination with the classic facial, duration 10 minutes each:

    Beauty wax face mask  € 17.00
    Eye treatment € 12.00

  • Exquisite facial

    Face, neck, decollete – same as in the classical facial and colouring eyelashes or eyebrows, eye treatment (to stimulate the lymphatic and meridian flow and regeneration of the eyes), individual mask or pack with anti-aging effect, followed by a facial massage and finishing care.

    90 minutes € 123,00


  • Symphony facial

    Experience the composition of active ingredients from the best of nature for all senses. Facial with anti-ageing push-up effect. Specially designed massage and skin-smoothing face sheet mask with intense depth effect. Especially for tired, stressed and light-stressed skin.

    50 minutes (without removing impurities) € 73.00
    75 minutes € 106.00

  • Men XO facial

    Enjoy this exceptional XO power treatment. The combination of revitalizing care and a deeply effective massage relieves stress and tension and leaves your skin invigorated and refreshed.

    60 minutes (without removing impurities) € 73.00
    75 minutes € 106.00

    We recommend that you shave 4-5 hours before the treatment.

  • Relax Total

    Face-neck-decollete massage
    25 minutes € 36.00

    Special eye treatment
    25 minutes € 36.00

  • Beauty extras face

    Eyelashes colouring
    approx. 20 minutes € 17.00

    Eyebrows colouring
    approx. 15 minutes € 14.00

    Eyelashes & eyebrows colouring
    approx. 30 minutes € 29.00

    Eyebrows shaping
    approx. 15 minutes € 14.00


  • Beauty extras

    True beauty comes from the harmony of body, spirit and soul. A balanced inner life positively influences the appearance, adds appeal and charisma, youthfulness and vitality.

    Relax Total

    Face-neck-decollete massage
    25 minutes € 36.00

    Special eye treatment
    25 minutes € 36.00


Hands & Feet

  • Well-cared hands and feet

    Beautiful, well-groomed hands and feet are important for a neat appearance. Gertraud Gruber Cosmetics and Gehwol have developed high-quality care products which supply the stressed skin with new energy. For beautifully manicured hands and feet in no time.

    • SPA manicure
      approx. 50 minutes € 53.00
    • SPA pedicure
      approx. 50 minutes € 53.00
    • Plus nail polish € 7.00
    • Applying nail polish on feet or hands (various colours) € 20.00