Sustainability & Environmental Awareness

For generations there has been an ecological cycle of give-and-take in the alpine regions, but the modern society demands more and more resources of nature. In our “borderless” society “green economy” is often just lip service, however, we have gradually expanded the Almhof in recent years to become an “ecological hotel”. We have four charging stations for e-cars in our garage and charging stations for e-bikes in our bicycle storage room which our guests can use for free.

Small hydropower plant

One step to fulfil our responsibility to nature and to our children is the use of environmentally friendly energy from a small hydroelectric power plant which we have built with a capacity of 200 kWh.

Pellets heating

For hot water preparation and heating we use a CO2-neutral pellet plant with a capacity of 1.200 kWh.

Gruene Haube natural cooking

Enjoy seasonally-inspired menus with locally sourced products from our “Gruene Haube” natural cooking.

“Gruene Haube Naturkueche” (natural cooking): As an option, we offer menus that are made from natural ingredients. Organic whole grain cereals, vegetables and fruit mostly from controlled biological cultivation and where possible regional and seasonal. Meat comes from biological livestock, fish from local waters. No use of artificial flavours, flavour enhancers or preservatives. We guarantee the highest quality standards and by this we introduce healthy cooking to our “little guests”. We also offer menus for guests with allergies and food intolerances. We are controlled by the BIO AUSTRIA GUARANTEE.

Reduction of food waste

Food is precious – therefore the reduction of food waste is one of our main concerns. Therefore our kitchen team has participated in the “Küchenprofi(t)” advisory programme of the ecotirol initiative.

The programme includes:

  • Sorting and collecting all food waste on site
  • Inspection on site and analysis of the kitchen processes
  • Food waste analysis and identification of potential savings
  • Recommendations and measures

ecotirol is an initiative of Land Tirol, Wirtschaftskammer Tirol, Energie Tirol and Klimabündnis Tirol, supported by the Ministerium für Nachhaltigkeit und Tourismus (department of sustainability and tourism).

NEW since May 2020: Refrigeration system

In May, we have built a compound refrigeration system with heat recovery. The waste heat will be fed directly into the heating of the indoor and outdoor swimming pool.