Wellness treatments for children

At the Almhof our therapists offer special massages and mini facial treatments for children and teens. A children’s massage is the ideal way to receive positive physical contact through respectful touch. The massage is carried out based on the needs of the children. It harmonizes, soothes and contributes to increased interpersonal relationships.

Spa treatments for kids

  • Children’s massage

    Children’s massages harmonize the mood and promote sleep and concentration. Recommended for children from the age of 2 years!

    Using high-quality native olive oil, our masseur carries out gentle and calming massage strokes which are individually adapted to every child. The massage has above all a strong calming effect and is therefore especially suitable for very “active” children and can contribute to a healthy sleep. Parents can be present during the treatment.

  • Hansel and Gretel massage

    25 minutes € 35.00

  • Frog king children’s massage

    40 minutes € 53.00

  • Clear & Go teenie facial

    Cleansing, special peeling, removing blemishes with Vapozon or face massage, finishing care.

    50 minutes  € 63.00