The 9 rules of the Almhof Family

In our team, we place particular emphasis on respectful interaction with each other, openness and reliability, both towards our staff and towards ourselves and our guests. “Team spirit with enthusiasm” is not just a catchphrase for us, but something we live by every day.

The 9 rules of the Almhof family

  • We do everything for our guests – the guests are our existence, they are our customers, they pay our salaries, they are the focus of our business.
  • Treat everyone as you would like to be treated!
  • Our management style is cooperative, fair, kind and respectful in a climate of trust.
  • Our atmosphere is easy-going and fun, yet professional and competent at all times.
  • Our hotel is a place of communication between guests and staff.
  • We are happy to resolve guest issues promptly.
  • Every day is a new beginning!
  • We insist on economic efficiency!
  • We promote cooperation at all levels!

How we are dealing with people – we inspire our guests because we enjoy it:

  • We get the best out of our training and personality. We give every guest the feeling of being in better hands than they would have expected.
  • We want our guests to feel comfortable and relaxed, so we act natural and spontaneous and let guests meet the person behind the job.
  • We talk to guests, ask their names and find out what they really want to experience during their stay at our hotel.
  • We show that we care about our guests and that it is our personal concern that they have the most enjoyable holidays.
  • We always give guests our name and let them know that they can contact us if they have any questions.
  • We ensure that we meet high expectations and make up for shortcomings. We work as a team at the same high level.
  • We try to be ourselves and build a personal relationship with our guests without becoming too familiar. We want guests to feel relaxed and at ease when they meet us.
  • We enjoy being with our colleagues and have fun at work. We like to pass this fun on to our guests. We make a special effort to make it fun for the guest children.
  • We create memories for the guests to take home. This way we give them enough reasons to come back and meet us again.

Every employee is a HOST.

What is the role of the ideal host?

  • Give everybody a warm and cordial welcome
  • Be helpful and provide information
  • Show interest and be involved
  • Introduce guests to other guests
  • Entertain, provide excellent service
  • Show a genuine sense of care, be considerate
  • Engage in activities with guests

What we offer…

  • The opportunity to work in a team that is on friendly terms, and you’ll have our trust from the first day of your job.
  • The opportunity to work in a family-like work environment.
  • Due to the quality management – clear work descriptions, security and therefore you can quickly educate yourself and work independently.
  • A single room or a double room for couples with shower, WC, TV, free internet connection.
  • Truly excellent board, which is also free of charge on your days off.
  • Non-alcoholic drinks from the vending machine and free coffee and teas.
  • Free use of the hotel’s own laundry.
  • Free use of our Water World, sauna area, tennis hall, the cardio fitness area and the hotel’s ski lift.
  • The opportunity to take part in our staff academy
  • Feedback on your work through regular performance appraisals.
  • Additional training for you: We offer in-house training and seminars as well as specific external trainings.

What we expect…

  • A genuine, helpful smile.
  • Willingness to be helpful to guests, colleagues and the owner’s family, whether on duty or off-duty.
  • Being attentive and listening to the wishes and needs of our guests.
  • Patience in dealing with our “little guests”.
  • Willingness to work in a team.
  • Secrecy and confidentiality.
  • Consideration for colleagues in staff accommodations, at work and during leisure time.
  • Neat appearance and careful handling of food and equipment.
  • Being responsible towards guests and the company.

Sounds interesting? Come work with us!