Mountain Bike Rules

In addition to outdoor enthusiasts being out and about, there is also alpine farming and forestry in our biking area Zillertal Arena. In order to avoid conflicts we ask you to follow the 10 rules below during your mountain bike adventures:

  1. We ride with controlled speed and sight! On trails and forest roads always reckon with obstacles – e.g. road damage, stones, branches, stored wood, grazing livestock, cattle grids, barriers, tractors, forestry or authorized vehicles.
  2. We show consideration for hikers! We only overtake at walking pace and make space on narrow trails. A friendly “hello” and “thank you” contribute a lot to mutual understanding.
  3. We respect that the forest roads primarily serve the agricultural and forestry use! We consider temporary road closures. We make room for passing and overtaking vehicles.
  4. We close the gates! The livestock on our pastures is an important part of our culture. We certainly do not damage fences and drive slowly and carefully passing animals.
  5. We show consideration for nature and wildlife! We do not leave marked paths and trails and we avoid riding on meadows and pastures without path. Also riding at night with lights is off limits.
  6. We will leave no waste – a matter of honor!
  7. We leave no trace! No blocked rear wheels and drift-turns as this will damage the trail. No detours in difficult passages or separator at switchbacks! Caution on wet trails – the erosion is even stronger here.
  8. We always wear a helmet and ride with intact equipment!
  9. We keep quiet and wait until we reach the valley until we let out cries of joy!
  10. We plan our tours well in advance! Our tour selection should correspond to our skills so that we do not get into alpine emergency situations. We make sure to be back in the valley before dusk.